Monday Motivation – my weekly lettering project

13 Jun Monday Motivation – my weekly lettering project

In the middle of February I started my #MondayMotivation project. The aim is to write a motivational quote in every Monday (you can find all of my pictures on Instagram – @zsamodesign). Sorry, not just write…. it’s lettering!

I started this to practice hand lettering. I can not write different words or letters just for fun, I need a reason to write them. I think this #MondayMotivation project is the best reason. For a lot of people Mondays are hateful: the first workday after a relaxing weekend, and they have to go back to the office and meet their boss again.

During the weeks since I write this quotes I get more confident in using brush pens and drawing letters. Plus benefit that I started to work together with a few members of the Hungarian Digital Nomad Facebook community on motivating and giving tips to eachother; I can use this hand lettered quotes in this project. If you want to see our Digital Nomads Life Hacks, follow our Pinterest board!

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