Vera Násfa logo and business card

Vera Násfa logo and business card design

Vera, the talented jewelry maker behind “Vera Násfa” asked me to re-design her old logo. I was very excited because I know her since years and I love her works.

I wanted to create some brush lettered piece, so I started to write her brand name over and over. I’m a lefty so writing with brush pen or other calligraphy pen is a bit difficult for me, but after a few hours of practice I got the result what I looked for.

The most fun part of the project was the vectorizing of my handwriting. I tried to use as less anchorpoint as I can to keep clean the shapes. Did you notice that the V and the N have similar shapes? 😉

Vera asked me to make her business card as well. She wanted a minimalist design.

You can find Vera’s Facebook page here: Vera Násfa Jewelry


November 30, 2015

Branding, Lettering, Logo